And man will live forever more…

So I’m sitting in guidance. Bored. Deathly bored. Deathly bored and finally finished with the stupid psych essay that is a complete wad of bullshit but that’s alright. It seems everyone in the class is under the same umbrella of doubt.

I’m actually giving the paper to Mrs. Nevola (who strangely enough I think I had a dream about last night, not that I remember what happened in it, but I still think it was about her). Anyways, so yes, giving her the essay period 4, which incidentally enough is the same period El has the woman for general. And I planned it that way. And what the hell is my issue? I need to get over this. I really really need to get over this.

On a related but not really so much side note, Sarah and Amanda and I are working on our lit project at Amanda’s house this afternoon after we go grocery shopping and stop by Card Smart to see if Amanda can apply for a job there. I feel like I’m being carted around a bit, but really it’s not all that bad. I don’t mind spending random time with her. It’s even sort of fun actually.

Well that and the added bonus that we're going to be at her house for a long time and might sneak off for a bit.


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