Is it still me that makes you sweat?

So apparently Amanda thinks I've bought her skanky underwear for Christmas. Which, Lauren, I must say, I cracked up just a tad since we had discussed this. Kayla thinks I should play along, but then again she's also all into the idea so I'm not so sure. Well whatever the case, I'm not buying her expensive suggestive underwear. I personally just think it's too early and too suggestive and I'm so not ready for that.

On another note, I did pick up this adorable Santa chef hat for her. It's so cute and it makes me giggle and I think she'll love it. I also got her this adorable alloy tank with kissing eskimos which is sort of an inside joke between us because I love eskimo kisses. Also two tshirts and hopefully some Victoria Secret sweatpants to even it all out. I spent more than I planned, but I love to shop for gifts.

And I mean I dunno, maybe my gifts are all just ordinary and basically anyone could get them, but I picked them out and it took time and effort and I'm sure she'll love them. Now I'm just curious what she got me… Nah, in all honesty, I love surprises. I'm so bad at waiting to give gifts though. As soon as I have them I want to give them away real fast to see how much the person loves them 😛

I suppose on an entirely unrelated two notes:

I nearly stroked out because I thought my Brown decision was posted. So I gathered the family (dad had to find his glasses, oh the affair), clicked the link with this knot of anticipation — and oops, decisions aren't available yet. I wanted to smack something.

I made a half sort of El comment leaving lunch. Kayla and Amanda were joking about gifts and the topic of me buying Amanda weed came up (after they tried to stick me with an I ❤ WEED pin of Jade's which is hysterical because I'm about as clean as clean comes). I jokingly said that yes, that's why I'd been talking to Eloise, to get some. And Chels who was standing next to me looked at me funny and then it dawned on the both of us what I'd said. And a delayed weed came out. And I laughed to cover my total and utter embarrassment at the Freudian Slip. I swear, karma's a bitch.


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