She rolls the window down…

So I'm sick with a nasty sinus infection, but now on antibiotics so I should start to get better.

Nothing of any real sort of significance going on right now. I'm just at an interim phase I think really – just waiting for things to fall into place. I don't even think I'm going to need the 'fantastic plan' at this rate. I do have to say though, El mentioned something to Amanda awhile ago that she mentioned to me in passing. Something about Amanda keeping her girlfriend under control or in check or something. Eloise can fucking bite me if she thinks I'm the one who needs to be kept under control. God she's such an ass.

So I guess in that sense I'm just ignoring her. I'm wicked upset but it gives me a really good excuse to blatantly ignore her for a good long time.

In an entirely unrelated matter, I spent about a good hour or so in the chapel today. I sat in the sunshine in the balconey and was nice and warm and comfty. I was even feeling better by the time I went back to Calculus. God I hate that class.


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