Did you think about me when…?

Just recieved the most perfect email ever.

I just logged onto facebook
And it certainly doesn't take facebook to make me realize how lucky I am
But if you look at it
We are married
We are house mates
I am obsessed with you
Or I think it says that
And even if it doesn't im still obsessed with you
God I cant explain it
There are no words that explain how I feel about you
Groups of words sort of do it
But there is so much that gets left out
And I laid in bed all day
Wishing that the pillow next to me was you
It smells like you
But not quite what I was going for
Jesus I sat in church today and all I could think about was you
And the other nite
And waking up with you
I cant even get through a sentence
Fantastic is the word of the day
Ecstasy works too
But those only begin to describe it
And you
God im so in love with you
And those deep brown eyes of yours
This is me
And this is me getting lost in them forever
And getting lost in you forever
I also have a serious concentration problem
And im having a marathon of our mixes from first to most recent
I still kinda taste you on my lips
your skin
and feel your bare skin against mine
Under down comforters with a lack of oxygen
Hell I still cant breathe
But I love the way you do and how we share the same air
When our faces are so close and our lips just rest on each others
Our noses kinda squish against each others too
I swear I didn't count the polka dots
I took an educated guess
I was too busy being in ecstasy to really actually notice
Im sitting here wondering which tank top I wore longer
Because that means it smells more like you
Its plastered to my face
No lie
And my ducks are staring at me along with the stopped clock
They are all in a agreement
I glow under the black light
And round 6 at 1 in the morning
And then round eight or nine
I lost count after you kissed me goodnight for the thousandth and one time
Please do that every night
That is after we have finally finished washing the dishes
We are going to be eating off of semi washed dishes that is if we ever get out of the house to go to the grocery store
Or to class
Or out to eat or anything
I don't foresee us ever leaving the apartment
So lovestoned
If we could market this we could have apartments everywhere
And we could buy the park all for our own
Its 4 o'clock
I haven't seen you in 24 hours
Its too long
Ten minutes is too long
Im not gonna lie
And say I don't wanna touch you right now
Ill even settle for holding your hand
Ill take that
Ill take anything as long as im with you
We could live in a cardboard box (figuratively)
And our love would keep us warm (figuratively and very possibly literally)
Hott actually
Well end up keeping the windows open all year round
And me walking around with no shirt on per usual
You are so amazing
I cant even describe
God I love you
So much
So so so much
Want you so so so much
Yes that jazz
i am breathless
but i still love you more

There is this feeling in my stomach and I can't stop smiling. God she takes my breath away without really even trying.


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