When we were children….

Track 07
How close can I press against you until we're forced into one?
I'll sing you love songs written in mascara
I'll tell you stories drawn on our palms
we're on their minds,
their lips
dancing between them
like air between ours
and we cannot breathe
and you cannot stand
and I'm starting not to care.

We're drawing constellations with the reflections in our eyes
tear drops complete the seventh sea
sequins are our confetti
white wire hangers open our doors
locked from the inside
their conversations echo,
bouncing off the tiled floors,
cement walls,
marble stalls,
tumultuous sinks,
and still they bounce
before they find our embrace.

We are escaping their expectations
and completing our own
monopoly has no rules to follow
we're cheating the game of
ten points if you can guess how.

Can I be your greatest passion?
More than the music pulsing around us
day glow lights shatter and the vibrations stop
but you're still resounding in my chest
trying to catch my breath
maintain control
but you've got me off guard
I'm falling and I want to go deeper,
and I surrender
fears and
tears and
tie dye.

Take them.
Take me.


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