all I want to do is lie alone
with you in the dark
thin cloth covering bare bodies

just be honest with me
live deeply, breathe completely
you are all I've ever wanted
but this settles hard in my stomach

lips pressed against temple
and my heart is close to breaking
is it possible to be so happy
you're sad?
am I holding back
or throwing too much out there?

I told you once
I didn't know how to do this
I can't tell if you took me seriously
there were so many things to tell you
I just never got around to it
is it too late now?
please don't tell me we're too far gone
please don't tell me you want out
because I'm too far gone

I'm so honest it hurts
when you hold me
something inside hurts
someone's clutching my chest
wringing my heart
and I desperately hold you closer

I wrote she thought you were a child
I was wrong
I am the child
I am the child who needs to be held close
I need to know that you love me
I'm scared to think that you love me
I'm scared to let myself love you

side by side
but here in the dark
I fall asleep alone


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