Pete the AAA man is my hero! <33

So it is not even 2oclock yet and I have already had a near death experience today. I went to see Chabot in guidence this morning to work on my Brown application and fix my schedule for the year. Em started school today so I figured I'd hitch a ride both ways.

The day starts off on the wrong foot as the whole family doesn't get up until 7:30. Em started @ 8:30. So I don't even get in the bathroom until 7:45 to brush my teeth. Luckily I am a fast dresser, so after some yogurt we're on our way. I meet with Chabot and everything at 8:15 on schedule.

She had to leave for a meeting at 9 so I hung out waiting for Amanda until then. She had to pick up Ash anyway so unbeknownst to the rest of the world we were going to hang out until noon when the kids got out. So I wandered around school until quarter of ten when she showed up. Quick plesantries and we were off to grab coffee, cookies and hit the park.

So we're in the car, listening to the radio, chatting a bit and then all of a sudden it turns off. And she goes to start the car again and it won't start. The time is now 11, a half hour before I have to be back at school so my mother doesn't find out I went out. And as it turns out she wasn't even supposed to be picking me up because she was supposed to be at home folding laundry. But I digress.

So the battery is dead. And we are stuck, stranded ten minutes from school with no way to get me back in time. My stomach churns again just thinking about it. The ajada I had, I was ready to be sick all over someone. Hell even sick all over her. I was sort of in that shock mode. I was supposed to call my Coach to find out if practice had been cancelled because of the rain so to keep myself calm I did that as she called AAA to see what they could do for us.

Ten minutes later, no tennis practice thank god and AAA will be there in 45 minutes, which is about a half hour too late. I was ready to throw up again. So we called Whit (who was with Vanny) and basically begged her to come from Johnston to come save us. Well me, basically to come save me. I could very well have called my mother who was in the school parking lot by this time but doing so would have ended my life. No doubt she'd have come to get us and I know how to jump a car, but we'd never live it down, or see eachother again.

So I think I looked either ready to pass out or cry because after she gets off the phone with Whit she just sort of came over and put her arms around me and kept apologizing. I understand it wasn't her fault the battery died, and I really kept my cool, but I was ready to start to cry. Shit like that only happens in movies. To make a long story short we spent the next little while waiting for either Whit or the AAA man (whoever showed up first) and basically made out the whole time. Which wasn't so bad up against the side of her car, except that I think I was feeling mildly desperate. Not that I care if she took advantage of me, because she didn't. I was just clingy and vulnerable. But I did feel better afterwards.

So the sketchy AAA guy shows up minutes before Whit and Van. I opened her hood and located the battery and such, which I can't believe she didn't know how to do. She had cables in her car — I'd have jumped it if someone else was around but no. It was raining, and yucky and slightly cold so we were the only people in the park parking lot. Long story short, Pete the AAA man is my hero. I made it back to school without my mother seeing me entering said parking lot with 30 seconds to spare.

We pulled a “drop me off in the front of the building so I can walk through and you drive around the back and pretend like I haven't see you for a few days”. It worked perfectly. I can't believe I got away with this. My mother had called mid lip lock and so I had to answer the phone because I was supposed to be in guidence. Apparently she was amazed at how cool I sounded as I lied to my mother about where I was as she's breathing heavily in my ear. I can't tell if my prowness under pressure is a good or a bad thing but my mother bought it hook line and sinker. I think I'm one of those children you have to watch out for.

So I come out the back door of the school and there are my mother and Em, thinking I'm coming from guidence. They're standing with Ash, who says her sister called and was having car trouble. I played along. Oh how awful, how far was she, should we offer to take Ash home, etc. Then she comes waltzing across the parkinglot like there is no tomorrow, grinning from ear to ear. I do have to say we are very convincing. Maybe that's because I'm still on an adreneline high, but I think we were pretty good.

So we end up all going to have lunch together. It was a nice end to a horribly stressful morning. And I got my CD, which is sitting in front of me, and appropriatly titled: The CD that would have made you fall for me anyway. I'm just that good. And I got a sweatshirt out of the deal. So now she has mine which is conviently covered in spit (apparently I'm messy :P) and I've got hers. I don't know how I'm going to handle tomorrow after today but I'm going to have to. Oh my.

Alas, I am alive, her car is okay, no one found out. I think all this sneaking around though is killing years off my life. I'm not very good at being bad. Really, the things she girl talks me into (we won't mention that it quite possibly might have been my idea in the first place).

[PM – 07:10:09] Her: hey mom just to let you know my battery died while i was sneaking out with the love of my life and we got stuck in the park across the street and then proceded to make out while we waited for AAA, hope you dont mind
[PM – 07:10:20] Me: lmao
[PM – 07:10:26] Me: that could work
[PM – 07:10:41] Her: oh yeah that would go over very well with her
[PM – 07:10:51] Her: shed be totally okay with that
[PM – 07:10:55] Me: 😀
[PM – 07:10:57] Her: 😉


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