Guess who's back? Back again? Hey I'm back, tell a friend…

I have returned from Maine! Oh and had the best time!!! I feel like I was gone a century and yet the time flew so fast. But guh, so great. The trip was great, the company was great, the fact that I recieved 4 messages from her saying she missed me made it even better. I missed her too of course, especially when I was just sitting on the beach alone at sunset on Friday night, but I called her and left her a message.

Not really all that much other than that to say I think. I had a wonderful, stupendous, fantastic time but right now I need to get to bed because tryouts are tomorrow. Such as the ones mentioned in the first ever entries in this journal. Today marks the one year aniversary of my journal. I'm not very dedicated but hey, it'll get there!

PS Henna tattoo on my shoulder. Wings. It's tres perfecto! There are an awful lot of exclaimation points in this entry methinks. Alas, I don't actually care.


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