forever it's you, forever in me, ever the same

[00:20] Me: do u think if i close my eyes and wish rly hard i could see u right now?
[00:20] Amanda: ive been clicking my heels all nite
[00:20] Me: i think i have enough unused birthday wishes
[00:20] Amanda: i never use mine either
[00:20] Me: u kno i never use them? i save them up for later. for when i figure i really really am going to need it
[00:21] Amanda: i wanna see you soooo bad
[00:21] Me: bc someday im going to want something. something so badly that i knowi cant have and im going toneed some divine intervention
[00:21] Me: somehow im thinking i might actually ahve used mine and not even have known it
[00:22] Amanda: you can have mine if that is the case
[00:22] Me: no i dont want urs. its ok. you keep them. i used mine on something good
[00:23] Amanda: you make me feel like nothing else in the world exists but just me and you

And I think I used my wishes wisely.


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