[00:05] Amanda: good moring
[00:05] Amanda: ps
[00:05] Me: morning sunshine
[00:05] Amanda: i like talking to you first thing
[00:05] Amanda: i feel like coffee
[00:06] Me: the other day when i talked to u i had just woken up
[00:06] Me: i think i still had morning breath. it was amusing lol
[00:06] Amanda: omg
[00:06] Amanda: again this is why i love you
[00:06] Me: because i;ll talk to u w/morning breath? oh thats a good reason
[00:07] Amanda: i said sleep over anytime and then ill get all the morning breath you wanna share
[00:07] Amanda: hell move in
[00:07] Amanda: the offer has been on the table
[00:07] Amanda: i even offered to help pack
[00:08] Me: well i cant even get out of my house right now
[00:08] Me: and i only ended work today
[00:08] Me: next week i''m free after tuesday
[00:08] Amanda: horay
[00:08] Me: pick a day let me know
[00:08] Amanda: how bout a month
[00:08] Me: a month?
[00:09] Amanda: say for a month then youll have more tshirts then you know what to do with
[00:09] Amanda: lol
[00:09] Me: i wish you could have just seen the look on my face lol
[00:09] Amanda: it was good wasnt it
[00:09] Me: but i mean it, tell me a day for next week that ur not working and we'll make plans. i'll stay over and we'll do scary movies or something
[00:09] Me: it was a good one
[00:10] Amanda: i will let you know as soon as i get my ipart sche
[00:10] Me: okay then
[00:10] Me: its a date
[00:11] Amanda: are we dating again
[00:11] Amanda: i can never tell
[00:11] Me: were we ever dating?
[00:11] Amanda: we never decided
[00:12] Amanda: i recall we were in ur driveway
[00:12] Amanda: *brie runs away*
[00:12] Me: you never asked
[00:13] Amanda: should we do this in person
[00:13] Amanda: or right now
[00:14] Me: im thinking this qualifies as an in person
[00:14] Amanda: so can i have an answer
[00:15] Me: you can have an in person answer if thats what ur asking
[00:15] Amanda: you know what i am asking
[00:16] Me: i kno
[00:17] Amanda: do i get an answer
[00:17] Me: can we have this conversation in person?
[00:17] Amanda: yeah
[00:18] Me: my mom wants to know if ur aunt had her baby
[00:18] Me: gthe timing in my house is unbelieveable
[00:18] Amanda: what? tell her no not yet
[00:18] Amanda: i agree
[00:18] Amanda: 😉
[00:18] Me: she says she hopes shes doing well then
[00:19] Amanda: she is
[00:19] Me: well thats good
[00:19] Me: where does she live?
[00:19] Amanda: in nopo and her social sec number is 23-789-5908
[00:20] Amanda: i work down the street
[00:20] Me: ah
[00:20] Me: hey dont shoot the tgypist
[00:20] Me: she was rather unaware that i was having an important conversation
[00:20] Amanda: how do you pronounce that
[00:21] Amanda: tgypist
[00:21] Amanda: its okay
[00:21] Me: fresh so fresh
[00:21] Amanda: you know you love it
[00:21] Amanda: its what makes me, me
[00:21] Me: true
[00:22] Me: and fyi my g key sticks on the lapyop
[00:22] Me: grr
[00:22] Me: laptop
[00:22] Amanda: im sorry
[00:22] Me: nah
[00:22] Amanda: i like lapyop tho
[00:22] Amanda: its a good onw
[00:22] Me: lol
[00:22] Amanda: *onw
[00:22] Amanda: *one
[00:22] Me: 😀
[00:23] Amanda: i cant even take my life
[00:23] Me: why?
[00:23] Amanda: i typed it twice wrong
[00:23] Amanda: wrong twice
[00:23] Amanda: see
[00:23] Amanda: and i feel bad i put you on the spot
[00:24] Me: you didnt
[00:24] Amanda: but i did
[00:24] Me: but you really didnt
[00:24] Amanda: if you say so
[00:26] Amanda: i feel like ive been doing that alot lately
[00:26] Me: putting eachother on the spot? or attempting to have that conversation?
[00:26] Amanda: both
[00:28] Amanda: i think ive been dancing around it
[00:29] Me: i think so too
[00:32] Amanda: im sorry
[00:32] Me: h/o
[00:32] Amanda: sure
[00:38] Me: ok shes gone
[00:38] Me: it was the ritualistic 'tell brie goodnite'
[00:39] Amanda: no it wasn't
[00:39] Amanda: it was the grudge
[00:39] Me: except it wasnt lol
[00:39] Amanda: no it wasnt
[00:39] Amanda: you know that
[00:39] Me: fine im not going to fight w/u about it
[00:40] Amanda: ok
[00:40] Me: lol
[00:40] Amanda: you win
[00:40] Me: thank you
[00:40] Me: i like winning
[00:40] Me: 🙂
[00:40] Amanda: i know
[00:40] Me: so how long have you been 'dancing around it' may i ask?
[00:41] Amanda: idk
[00:41] Me: just wondering
[00:41] Amanda: why
[00:42] Me: just because, thats all
[00:42] Me: i was curious
[00:42] Amanda: ok
[00:42] Amanda: ok
[00:43] Me: you didnt put me on the spot before. i just think its just something to talk about in person rather than over the internet thats all
[00:43] Amanda: i agree
[00:44] Amanda: ill be at your house in 10 minutes
[00:44] Me: you arent really serious right? its 1 in the morning
[00:44] Amanda: i was indeed joking
[00:44] Me: good
[00:45] Amanda: but i would
[00:45] Me: because that would involve me getting dressed. and going outside. and its wet out there. major hazard for the wrapped feet
[00:45] Me: i wouldnt ask u to tho
[00:45] Amanda: i would come to your window
[00:46] Me: yes, the bushes are now clipped back lol
[00:47] Amanda: lmao
[00:47] Me: a good three feet. i've got a sticky on the window. well not really but i could
[00:48] Me: actually – uve never been inside my house have you? you dont know which room is mine lol
[00:48] Amanda: no i dont
[00:48] Amanda: i could guess
[00:49] Me: problem is the other front bedroom happens to belong to my parents
[00:49] Amanda: but they wouldnt mind
[00:50] Me: try explaining that one
[00:50] Amanda: hey mr. and mrs smith i just had a question for brie do you think i could come in?
[00:51] Me: its only 1 in the morning
[00:51] Amanda: tis early
[00:51] Amanda: its
[00:51] Me: or very late
[00:51] Amanda: no early
[00:51] Me: depends on how u view life
[00:51] Me: they're thinking late
[00:51] Me: actually, my eyelids are sort of contemplating the same thing
[00:52] Amanda: im thinking early
[00:52] Me: not that i have anythign to do tomorrow, but u probably have to work?
[00:52] Amanda: no
[00:52] Me: well thats good
[00:52] Amanda: we were going to have plans
[00:52] Amanda: and its today
[00:52] Me: yes ur right
[00:52] Me: to both
[00:53] Amanda: i feel really bad
[00:53] Me: um why?
[00:53] Amanda: because number one your feet are out of commition
[00:54] Me: yes that sort of does suck altho its not ur fault
[00:56] Amanda: but then i feel like this could throw a kink in our friendship
[00:57] Me: well firstly, we have yet to establish what this is. secondly this coming from the girl who in a certain phone conversation i remember seemed to think differently
[00:57] Amanda: when
[00:58] Me: would you like an exact or approximate date?
[00:58] Amanda: whatever you have
[01:01] Me: it was thursday the 27th of july. prior to me telling you about baking cookies all day we had a good 10 minute conversation about relationships which ended with me attempting to stand up but havign the cord from the phone plugged into the wall trip me and send me sprawling
[01:02] Amanda: i remember the convo but how do you remember the date
[01:03] Me: because it was the day i made cookies for donald which was the day after his surgury
[01:03] Me: and because i happen to be a junkie who records things in a journal so everything in my life is dated these days
[01:03] Amanda: oh
[01:04] Amanda: so im in your journal
[01:04] Me: …yes
[01:04] Me: does that bother you? should i take it out?
[01:05] Amanda: no i feel honored
[01:05] Me: lol
[01:05] Amanda: no i do
[01:06] Me: ok thats fine. you dont have to have feelings about it either way really
[01:06] Amanda: ok
[01:06] Me: i dont really know what to say
[01:06] Amanda: ok
[01:06] Amanda: im soory
[01:07] Me: lol nah. its just the first time ive ever like told someone ive written something down that they're involved in
[01:07] Me: im getting yelled at
[01:07] Me: my mother says goodnight
[01:07] Amanda: goodnite
[01:07] Me: and brie says goodnight too 🙂
[01:07] Me: i'll talk to u later today
[01:07] Amanda: sweetdreams
[01:07] Me: so its actually goodmorning
[01:07] Amanda: morning
[01:07] Me: morning sunshine 🙂
[01:08] Me: i;ll catch u when the sun is actually awake and then that would work better
[01:08] Me: lol
[01:08] Me: alright im tried and ineed some sleep
[01:08] Amanda: caio bella
[01:08] Me: ciao bella. get some sleep too
Session Close (Amanda): Fri Jul 28 01:08:34 2006

So that was two nights ago. And it's only the end of the conversation because there are a good hour and a half of random flirting preceding it. I'm so high strung right now it's unbelievable. Except it's a nice feeling. I think I like talking to her first thing in the morning. I'm so lame but I don't care.


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