this is it now…everybody break down….

I called her about an hour ago. I was returning a message she left me. She wants to skip out on the kiddie party and hit the movies or something. I doubt she means it in the way that first came to my mind and yet I wonder…

So I hadn't talked to her in two days, which she reminded me 2 words into her message. It was hey and then BAM she hits me with an obvious blow. Maybe she missed talking to me as much as I missed talking to her? Well I only took a vacation from the sound of her voice however, since I certainly thought about her.

BAH, and now Donald wants to go out on Sunday. And he can't decide where and I want to beat him over the head because he's asking me on a date and he needs to stop asking me where I want to go because eventually I'm going to just pick up the phone, call him, and tell him that well it doesn't really matter where the fuck he takes me because she's going to be all I'm thinking about.

Very nice.
I'm going to slap myself now.


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