[1] you

I’m flying high, defying gravity,
kiss me goodbye, defying
gravity is never gonna bring me
down go the pants, so we’re
caressing beige
tapestries slung over metal
backs against the
walls closing in on
me and you
riding in cars with
boys have become the problem,
Huston we have a
problem of the week is due next
classic dance
steps down to your finished basement
finished friendship
on the rocks with a twist
come ‘on baby, it goes like
this is the part where I need everybody to stand up
would the real lover
please pretty please with a
cherry, candy apple
read me like a trashy romance
novel idea, the waterbed
was that your cousin or your
Sister Norma has it out for that
car ride home in the
summertime when the weather is
Hot 106
o’clock quick
mix in the ingredients and then stir
thoroughly pissed off with
her head in the
clouds from both sides now, from give and
take me in your
arms behind your head, you have the right to remain silent,
why so silent, good messieurs?
did you think that I had left,
left, left
right on down the
lines in the sand don’t
change the radio station
frequency of secret glances, furtive
looks like we’re back
at the beginning with you.


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