It's currently 7.03 and I am still awaiting my email from Belinda that says she wants me to come to the second round of tyouts. I know for 100% certain that I gave her the right email address…

So I suppose the only assumption to be made is that I'm not accepted, 3 years running. Which I guess sort of goes to show that bad things come in threes, but I guess I was hoping this was more of a third time's the charm sort of three incident.

But apparently not.

It's now 7.05 — I don't think the email is coming. Am I really that bad? I thought I played very well today if I do say so, once my mantra of hit the ball in front had been repeated for the ump-teenth time. I swear people were starting to look at me as I muttered.

But I was playing much better at the end of tryouts so I don't really see why they wouldn't want me to at least come back. *sigh* Oh well, that's life then right?

7.07 — Tony says he thinks I'm good enough to be on varsity. Is he just trying to be nice? He also can't believe tryouts are held over two days. When he coached BVA Tennis he said there was usually a week of tryouts. Well again, that's life I suppose.

7.08 — That email isn't coming is it…


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