Symptom of the universe

Okay, even though that other entry was from hours ago, I've been thinking – and it has absolutly nothing to do with that.

My entries (what of them exist) are very boring. I'm not very insightful and it's usually just me bitching and moaning over things I can't change. I'm not interesting to put it very bluntly. No one comments, and it's mostlikely because there is little of substance to comment on, aside from my ranting of dailyness that happens in my drab life.

So no, for all of those diehard fans who wait around to read what I'm thinking, no worries, I'm not getting rid of my journal. Though you would think that I am from the lack of postage…come on, what 5 entries in November….and one was a song??!!?? But whatever.

From now on I'm going to write at least 3 times a week (today doesn't count). My entries will have something to talk about – something other than me..and hopefully it won't just be gossip either. And if I have nothing cool to post, then I will post poems.


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