Speak My Mind

This is a random update, in an attempt to retain this journal for as long as possible. Today I had to audition for the Talent Show, which is so totally stupid in itself, seeing as how there were only 10 acts signed up anyway, and they really wanted like 15.…so there was very little chance of not making it….

I am performing a soliloquy which I wrote this morning in study, while I was supposed to be finishing my religion homework for Mrs. Mekrut, which reminds me that I have to do that tonight after I finish my Geometry project and before I hit the sack.

They held the meeting for Tennis tryouts today. I tried out last year and sucked, which bummed me out because I really wanted to be on the team, so this year I am working hard all summer. I have my plan all worked out, and I would list it here, but for sheer lack of wanting to type the whole thing up from the papers its on. But trust me, its rigorous.

I want to make this entry sound interesting, because I read some random diaries these past few minutes and I feel stupid, rambling on about the stupidest things. I guess this is sort of a note pad really. I mean I have been updating my LJ more often, but I suppose it’s because I’m trying to keep the day to day shit off this one. Then again, what does she know anyway?

Did I ever mention that I made this layout? All by my lonesome, no codes or anything from other people; we’re talking for scratch — if you can do that on a computer…..

I’ll post the soliloquy , since I need to type it anyway before I show it to Parisi tomorrow. I doubt he would be able to read my chicken scratch handwriting anyway, ya know?


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