Fraudulent Slip

Today was a very lazy day. Along with my repeated shout outs in Latin and one following in Lit, Alley seemed to be in the right state of mind with her fraudulent slip in Geometry (in reference to circumscribed circumcisions…..LMAO). Needless to say, we did absolutely nothing all day, which suits me just fine.

Mr. Parisi was even worse today in Lit. I don’t know if it’s me, but he seems to be acting really weird lately…..I’m hoping it’s just a phase.

Erm, on other notes, still haven’t won those damn tickets. Honestly, I can hardly take it anymore!!!!!!!!!! I should be working on the final paragraph of my essay, but I can’t. That stupid thing is so awful and I don’t think I can handle anymore of it! I’m ready to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The WEST WING finale is on tonight! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Ciao Bella


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