*~Seven Deadly Sins~*

So other than being wicked pissed off at my science teacher, I'm feeling no better. Lets just say that the teacher affectionatly called 'Beefy Keefy' is a real asshole.

As all of you know (and you now do), I was sick all of vacation. I had a really sucky vacation as a result. I was also absent on Tues. and Wed. of the week before vacation.

So this bitch up and gives me the test anyway (which was scedualed for today that I had no prior notion of)!!! What the hell???

Needless to say mother is pissed as well. I'nm going to talk to my guidence counciler tomorrow. I never even read the damn chapter, much less studied for a test I didn't know I had!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!! I hate her.

Other than that, my day went well. I still feel ill, but Veronica gave me her yogurt, so I feel loved!! 🙂 Liturgy was okay, save the 7 deadly sins. I'm gonna name a book that someday, but I want to make sure it's good, so people actually read it. Wonder what it'll be about???

Saw Sherb today!!! Was very happy!!! Chelsea not yet, but I will!! Tomorrow I'm comming extra early to see my girlz!!!!!

Hope everyone is going to the Casa mixer thing at the church on March 19th!!!! BUY TICKETS!!!! No one has…………

Well, I'd better go. Chapters 5 & 6 are being betad as I type, so 4 should b up soon. Maybe I'll bribe Sherb into posting it………



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