During study w/Voila, mixer and caberat mentionings

So here I am, sitting at school. I'm in the library with scary Sister Viola every where I turn. It's kinda sad, and I feel bad for the women, but enough is enough. Can you say breath mint???

Anyway, there was no school yesterday, so the audition has been pushed back a week, which is all well and good, seeing as how I'm not prepared in the slightest. Wazzie is trying out too, though I should have already known that!!

I'm in study right now; a study I didn't want or need. I just finished my evil Civ notes and I can't wait to burn them. Hoesntly, a three page chapter shouldn't turn out to be a six page book of notes!!! On top of that, I have a math scetch due tomorrow, and I've forgotten how to use a protractor!! Luckily Courtney 'reminded' me how to use one in HR, but it was so embarrassing none the less! Then again, Kimmy forgot as well, and hers was do today, so I have a little up on her.

They cancelled the mixer on friday. I'm really upset because I wanted to go and have a good time. It's not going to turn out that way now I guess. They said it was sue to lack of support, but come on! It's been cancelled three times already!! What do you want??

Alas, I should go. It's getting quite in here and the last thing I want is a visit from Viola Swamp!!!



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